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NCAA Collection

Mobile Dog Gear has teamed up with the NCAA, ensuring you & your dog will be the most spirited fans at school this year!

The Original Pet Luggage System

We take the chaos out of traveling with your dog

No matter how long you and your pet want to be away from home, be it a day at the park or an extended adventure, we have the bag that's perfect for your furry friend. Select from our Patented bags.

I had an Overland dog gear backpack for my new puppy that I loved. A few months after I got it a zipper fell off. I contacted the company and they were not only quick to respond but they sent me a brand new backpack to replace my broken one. Things happen and products break but companies that are willing to work with customers and replace damaged products at no charge to the customer will always have my business!


I bought the "week away" bag just shortly after I got my goldendoodle puppy. I immediately used it when we took a trip to St. Louis, and when we returned i noticed that the zipper was not working anymore, it was stuck but nothing was causing it to be stuck!? I had to pry it open to empty out the food that was left in it. I reached out to overland co. and they promised a replacement bag in the mail. Well they did a little more than that, they sent a whole new "dine away" bag. Which is great bc I do have 2 dogs so know I have enough bowls and bags to take on trips for both my boys!!


Organized way to keep all of my Collie’s needs in one place. Love that I can use the divider and then add her food to the separate containers. Even better that the food and water travel bowls are collapsible and I can’t tell you how happy I am that they are separated to a section of their own!! Great job!! I like the section in the lid so I can put her grooming tools in a place for easy access instead of having to fiddle through what we’ve made her toy section. Price was a little scary, but they really did cover every aspect I was looking for!